Amanda Gore

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro
Bluegrass, Gospel, Country

Amanda Gore is a multi-talented individual.

Born and raised in Tallapoosa, Georgia. Gore began playing guitar at age ten, and from that point on, she picked up a variety of other instruments as well. That led her to start her own band ten years ago at the tender age of 13— Amanda Gore and The Red, White & Bluegrass. The Band is Still steady and going strong with Gore herself in charge!

“My band means the absolute world to me,” Gore says. “It keeps me busy doing simply what I love.” In addition, for the past eight years, she’s been involved in booking bands, organizing festivals, and other special events. Among the artists she’s worked with are Little Roy & Lizzy, Edgar Loudermilk, Larry Sparks, and Ralph Stanley II at a local music venue called The Outpost Music Barn in Waco, Georgia.

“I’ve always loved music since I was a small child,” she insists. “It comes natural to me. My grandparents had a band for 25 years. After my grandfather passed, I decided to do what I knew would make him proud, and that was to play bluegrass."

Given that backstory, it’s little wonder that bluegrass has been so intrinsically infused in her soul. “I simply grew up in it,” she recalls. “It holds a special place in my heart.”

She mentions Rhonda Vincent & The Rage and Alison Krauss & Union Station as among her other influences.

Amanda Gore & The Red, White & Bluegrass perform primarily in west Georgia and east Alabama area for the past ten years. “Playing bluegrass with my family and friends means the world to me,” she maintains. “There is simply no other feeling like it. It can certainly make you smile and be happy, even on your darkest days. I pray God will allow me to play music for the rest of my life, and allow me to do things and perform to the best of my abilities. My music is the very best part of me!”

In 2022 Amanda majorly hit the Bluegrass Charts. She was featured in three different popular magazines. The articles in Bluegrass Today, The Bluegrass Standard & Wide Open Country all spoke over her being in the future of bluegrass and women of independence.

Having said that, it’s hardly surprising that someone like Amanda Gore just announced this year that she had been awarded Promotor of The Year, presented by a organization called SEBA, who supports bluegrass all through out the South East. Her entry into the promotion industry came about due to When she was 15, The Outpost Music Barn asked her to help with bookings, and a year later, she was given full time responsibilities. “I’ve been involved with The Outpost for about eight years now, as well as a few other venues along the way.” she explains. “I’ve hosted multiple types of music festivals, I do weekend jams and shows, as well as special events.”

Clearly then, her dedication to the music remains intact. Having a person like Amanda should show the world it’s insights into why bluegrass music will continue to flourish worldwide. A young person with an old soul, Amanda Gore is dedicated to ensuring that bluegrass music will always be in good hands.

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