My new album Transcendence is out now! :)

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If by any chance you happen to follow me on Facebook and the like, you're likely to have seen I am now a Caparison Guitars artist. :) This is their Angelus 7 M3B model, which is also available in black.

Full specs here:

I received this instrument the day before leaving to NYC and took it with me, so it got a proper travel workout to test its stability, and it passed the test with flying colours. This is a phenomenal instrument as per Caparison's usual standard, but also different enough from the more common offerings in looks and feel to have its own space in the market without being "yet another" 7. The song I'm playing here is called Ryujin, off my second album Transcendence. All the guitar parts are recorded with the Angelus 7 straight into the Kemper, using profiles of my very own Randall RD45, Laney Ironheart 60 and Budda Superdrive 18W through the same Zilla cab with the V30 mic'd. As usual, no post processing takes place other than the standard mastering fare so that the actual tones aren't masked by 2 tons of EQ. Hope you guys enjoy and there will be quite a fair bit of Caparison action in the near future! :)

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