Download Black Strap Molasses from itunes:

Download Black Strap Molasses (Instrumental) from itunes:

Bass and Vocals: Angeline Saris

Drums: Lex Razon

Keys: Eric Levy

Video Credits:

Special thanks to GoPro

Director of Photography: Rod Hartzog

Editor: Mahoko Kuramasu

Photography and Album Design: Max Crace

Executive Producer: Ron Lachman

Song Credits:

Written by: Angeline Saris

Produced by: Angeline Saris and Alan Hertz

Audio Engineer: Alan Hertz

Tracked at: Studio 101

Mixed at: In the Pocket Studios, Forestville CA

Special thanks to: Ron Lachman, Rod Hartzog, Alan Hertz, Mahoko Kuramasu, GoPro, Max Crace, Greg Haldan, In the Pocket Studios, Shelley Mohr, Will Evankovich, Music Spectrum, Surf City Skydive, and to all those volunteers who participated in the video.

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