Summertime in Santa Fe is a Recording Project by guitarist Wayne Wesley Johnson & Friends

Executive Producer ... Wayne Wesley Johnson dba Wannadu, LLC Video

Produced by Thom Bresh / Bresh Digital TV Location: Stepbridge Studios, Santa Fe, NM

Musicians/Artists on the Project: Wayne Wesley Johnson Thom Bresh Lou Pallo (Les Paul Trio) Tom Doyle (Les Paul trio) Tim Farrell Edgar Cruz Anthony "Guitar St" Smith Jon Gagan (upright bass) K.C. Morris (drums) The Johnson Collection (guitars) Wayne Wesley Johnson --- Koontz "Oval F" Personal Model (s/n 23) Thom Bresh --- 1954 Stromberg Master 400 Cutaway (s/n 629) Lou Pallo --- 1938 Epiphone Triumph (s/n 11671) Lou Pallo --- 1945 D'Angelico New Yorker (s/n 1698) Tom Doyle --- 1951 Stromberg G-3 (s/n 602) Tim Farrell --- 1949 D'Angelico Excel (s/n 1820) Edgar Cruz --- Benedetto Cremona (s/n 7582)

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