When you love the sound of your iconic Boomers® but live in a humid area that is known for killing strings, our Coated Boomers® are the perfect solution! Unlike other manufacturers, we have the nickel-plated steel wire coated FIRST and then wrapped around the round core wire. This keeps the signature tone intact, without any dull or muffled sound.

Coated plain steel strings round out the sets, to ensure that you can play longer and sound better, with GHS Coated Boomers®.

Why Should You Play Coated Boomers®?

  • You love the tone of Boomers® but want more longevity
  • You like the feel of coated strings, but not the typical coated sound
  • You're in a humid area and need a set of strings that can handle the "heat"

"Awesome tone, tension and feel. I've found what I consider to be the perfect string!"
     -Rob Marcello, Guitarist for Danger Danger, The Defiants