DC OnTap Accessory Adaptor Cables

Use Only One Space on a Power Strip!

Use the DC OnTap accessory cables to wire up an incredibly large board, or have multiple boards wired, and swap the DC OnTap between them! Additional cables included with the DC OnTap Accessory Package:

  • (1) Daisy chain cable with standard 2.1mm jacks
  • (2) Extender cable for larger pedals – 2.1mm jack
  • (2) Reverse polarity cable for older pedals
  • (2) Mono 1/8" phone plug cable for older pedals
  • (2) Reverse polarity cable for use with 2.5mm jack
  • (2) Battery plug cable – connects to battery clip
  • (2) Cable to connect to pedals with 2.5mm jack

The Power Solution for Multiple Stomp Boxes!