Braided Orchestral

Innovation Braided Orchestral Strings are particularly well suited for bowing, as they have a smooth chromesteel tape winding. But the core is braided nylon, which creates a more "old-timey" flavor to their pizz tone. So they would also work well for someone looking for a good bluegrass string.

They have a deep, dark tone, which takes a lot of the brashness out of bowing. And the tension is optimized for bowing as well, when they were designed, Innovation focused on the ease of sound production and articulation both for pizzicato and arco.

PLEASE NOTE: All Innovation Double Bass strings are currently made to order. Expect up to a 10-12 business day lead time for us to wind the strings and ship them out.

90140B Braided Orchestral - Standard Set
90140BLC Braided Orchestral - Standard Set with E/C Extension
9014HCB Braided Orchestral - High C
9014GB Braided Orchestral - G String
9014DB Braided Orchestral - D String
9014AB Braided Orchestral - A String
9014EB Braided Orchestral - E String
9014LBB Braided Orchestral - Low B
9014XEB Braided Orchestral - E/C Extension