Golden Slaps

If silver isn't your style, look to the golden hued beauty of Innovation Golden Slaps! Using a clear nylon tape wrapped around phosphor bronze windings, these low tension strings are great for slap style, or anyone looking for a low tension, easy to play set of double bass strings.

Unlike the Silver Slaps, the Golden Slaps have a more pronounced front end pizzicato attack. Added to the characteristic round tone and quick decay, the Golden Slaps mimic the sound (and traditional look!) of gut strings, without the maintenance and durability issues.

PLEASE NOTE: All Innovation Double Bass strings are currently made to order. Expect up to a 10-12 business day lead time for us to wind the strings and ship them out.

90140GLP Golden Slaps - Standard Set
9014GGLP Golden Slaps - G String
9014DGLP Golden Slaps - D String
9014AGLP Golden Slaps - A String
9014EGLP Golden Slaps - E String