Ultra Blacks

Known by their distinctive "ultra black" color, Ultra Blacks work well for the player seeking a fuller, darker sounding string for traditional jazz and other styles. They have a darker tone, akin to gut strings, but with more snap and definition in pizz. The Ultra Blacks also respond easily under a bow.

Ultra Blacks fill the void between the traditional gut string sound and more modern steel strings. They have a solid fundamental with good sustain, suitable for nearly all pizzicato work, be it jazz, bluegrass, folk or traditional.

PLEASE NOTE: All Innovation Double Bass strings are currently made to order. Expect up to a 10-12 business day lead time for us to wind the strings and ship them out.

9014UB Ultra Blacks - Standard Set
9014GUB Ultra Blacks - G String
9014DUB Ultra Blacks - D String
9014AUB Ultra Blacks - A String
9014EUB Ultra Blacks - E String