The ORIGINAL string cleaner! Not a spray! Contains no silicone. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime.   Fast Fret keeps the strings sounding bright and new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings.

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Neal D.

What did you do to the formula?  The current version is unusable.  I noticed you cut costs with the packaging and the handle.  That's annoying enough, but the current version of the formula is just awful.  It's now much too runny.  After I apply it to the strings and wipe off the excess, it all gravitates to the bottom of the neck.  After a minute or two my fret hand is covered in the stuff and it feels like it's covered in grease.  I'm getting a refund from Amazon and switching to a competitor. 

Jonathan Moody

Hi Neal, costs weren't cut as much as suppliers went out of business and we were forced to change direction immediately. Personally, I like the newer handle as I get a better grip on it. Plus, less plastic means less to throw away.

In regard to it being "too runny," that's due to moving to a heavy felt applicator over the former cotton one. The felt is able to absorb more fluid (which is the exact same) than the cotton, which is a benefit to many that have complained that it goes dry too quickly. We had to change the applicator as cotton became immediately unavailable due to making PPP for the past two years. 

I will pass along your feedback to our development team and see if there's something we can address. 

Milan Š.

Hello. I'm a big fan of Fast Fret, and I'm using it regularly. I have one question, though. Using Fast Fret on nylon tapewound bass strings - is it safe for strings?

Jonathan Moody

Hi Milan, you should be just fine to use Fast Fret on the nylon tapewound strings. I'm not sure what benefit it'll have, since the tapewounds are pretty resilient to any dirt and buildup, but it's perfectly fine to use. 

Nikto N.

I bought two of them. Both were empty. I asked for replacement and I've got another two empty units. I wonder how many empty units you've distributed around the world. Maybe the formula is really great, I would never know.

Jonathan Moody

Hi Nikto, I'm sorry to hear about that. Can you tell me when and where you purchased the Fast-Fret that had these issues? 

Nikto N.

Hi Jonathan. Just last week and got replacement yesterday from https://www.mightyape.co.nz/. I'm not talking about empty can, everything was inside, even the smell, just the liquid is missing.

Jonathan Moody

Thanks for the info, I'll pass it along to our international sales rep. 

Nikto N.

Don't bother, I was told it should be empty. Can I buy the liquid separately? I don't like the idea of throwing perfectly fine item away just because the two drops of the miracle liquid soaked into the cotton padding are gone after two weeks.  

Jonathan Moody

It definitely should not be completely dry, no. In fact, since we've switched the applicator to a heavy felt it's been the opposite as the material holds more. I'd be curious how long the distributor in your area has had the inventory. 

Siriwat S.

Can I use FasFret on coated string ? for example : Elixir . somebody said that FastFret can melt the coating stuff.

Jonathan Moody

Hi Siriwat, we would not recommend using FastFret on coated strings.

Taneli B.

Is it unnecessary for coated strings or does it do something harm to the coating?

Joel A.

I have been using fast fret on my acoustic with Elixir strings for a few years now and it has only made my playing better and in my experience does not harm the coating. However, if one is concerned about that just put it on the back of the guitar neck instead of the front and make sure to use a cloth to get it nice and smooth.

Diego Cupertino

Does it have validity? When I know I need to buy a new one in order to keep my strings clean?

Jonathan Moody

That's going to depend on how frequently you use the FF. For players that use it before and after playing on a very regular basis, it may last a couple of months. For the players that use it once in a while, it could last a couple of years. The indicator is when the strings don't feel any different from using it, and the applicator feels bone dry.

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