The ORIGINAL string cleaner! Not a spray! Contains no silicone. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime.   Fast Fret keeps the strings sounding bright and new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings.

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Mi D.


I've been using Fast Fret for over 20 years. I have purchased a new "can" today. It's no longer a can, but a plastic flimsy package, I can get over it.

You've changed the applicator and it's all runny. Instead of nice smell, it smells like a toilet cleaner.

Worst things of all of it. I have applied it to my PRS Silver Sky (rosewood fingerboard) and got horrified when the brand new cloth I've wiped the strings with after applying got very visible brown smears and looked dirty. I have no idea what it is, but my fretdboard was clean. I won't be applying it to anything anymore.

It's very sad, whatever the reason is that you have made such drastic changes to a classic and well loved product, I am afraid you have ruined it for me. Please reconsider going back to the original formula.

Jon C.

Hey I love this stuff! About how many uses do you get out of this? I get a little unsure when the applicator gets a little discolored.

Seph B.

Hi GHS! Hoping that you could revert your product (Fast Fret) to its previous version. I was really happy when I switched to your product as I was using one of your competitors before. Really love the smell and feel of it on my strings. Unfortunately, the new version that you have is just not as good as the one I got before. Not a fan of the new handle, zero wrapping on the applicator head and I liked the old tin that you had too. 
Hoping that the comments here will let you know that fans of the product are asking for the old version back! 

Jonathan Moody

Hey Seph, thanks for the feedback! Sadly, many of the things mentioned were pandemic-related. I've explained a couple times about the can, and why we were forced to change. The applicator was twofold; we needed something more durable than the rolled cotton that would fall apart. Companies used cotton for PPE and forced our hand, so we went to the heavy felt. 

I get it, we all get so used to our favorite products that changes can be perceived as strictly cost-cutting measures. However, I'm hopeful that by explaining all of this to many of you that, in time, you'll see that the changes we made (some by choice, some by necessity) were done specifically done to improve the product as a whole. 

Deborah F.

I have been using this since it was invented. The old applicator definitely felt more substantial. But what I miss even more is the metal case. I was so happy when it was available again  after a protracted period and I'm now sorry I did not buy enough caseloads for life. The plastic has never held up.

Jonathan Moody

Thanks for the feedback, Deborah! I can send it along to our purchasing department in regard to the metal case. We liked it too! The supplier felt it was more work to make them for us than not, so we were let go as a client. 

Rax B.

This product used to be essential to me! Couldn't live without it on my practises & shows. 
The new formula is unfortunately terrible. I'll be looking for an alternative now.

Jonathan Moody

Hi Rax, sorry to hear about that. In terms of the formula, nothing has changed. It's the same that it's always been. 

Rax B.


Jonathan Moody

The applicator has certainly changed (and I've answered that a couple of times on here, as it's a mix of looking for something better and being forced to look for something), but the liquid itself hasn't changed. 

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