The ORIGINAL string cleaner! Not a spray! Contains no silicone. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime.   Fast Fret keeps the strings sounding bright and new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings.

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A87 FAST-FRET - GHS Fast-Fret
Siriwat S.

Can I use FasFret on coated string ? for example : Elixir . somebody said that FastFret can melt the coating stuff.

Jonathan Moody

Hi Siriwat, we would not recommend using FastFret on coated strings.

Taneli B.

Is it unnecessary for coated strings or does it do something harm to the coating?

Diego Cupertino

Does it have validity? When I know I need to buy a new one in order to keep my strings clean?

Jonathan Moody

That's going to depend on how frequently you use the FF. For players that use it before and after playing on a very regular basis, it may last a couple of months. For the players that use it once in a while, it could last a couple of years. The indicator is when the strings don't feel any different from using it, and the applicator feels bone dry.

chris w.

So what's the new formula? I like the smell compared to the older one. Figure it's like a mineral oil I'm guessing and can I get some of my own.

Jonathan Moody

No new formula; same as it's been. Only thing that has changed - that you've mentioned - is the smell. We had to source a new supplier when the old one went out of business. 

Teemu M.


I was set to find out if the fast fret really had changed in the last five years.

It used to feel very slippery. Now I bought a new one and it feels sticky compared to that .Slides feel very difficult. Only thing that is different are the strings. Could it be that it simply reacts in a different way on different set of strings? If the smell is indeed the only thing that has changed.

Best regards,


Jonathan Moody

Hi Teemu, depending on what strings you had and what strings you use now, the Fast-Fret could do something different to them. I notice a difference when I use FF on a set of flats compared to a set of Boomers. 

Edh S.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the response; I appreciate a reply.  So the original formula was different only in smell, huh?  I had no idea.  You know how it is: if it smells different, it is.  And yeah, I'm in the league of those who have smelled the earlier scent, and long to do so again.

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