The ORIGINAL string cleaner! Not a spray! Contains no silicone. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime.   Fast Fret keeps the strings sounding bright and new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings.

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Blanár L.

Hey there! Log time user here.

I can generally understand every explanation here that aims to clear the air with all the downgrade but I still feel that this is a huge bummer. The packaging is really something that I could not care less. Whether it is in a metal can or plastic, I don't care. But what I do care about is the actual product. The carelessness on the whole issue is just unbelievable as you literally changed the packaging and the product but could not spend an additional 5 minutes to review what is written on the package. It says "Do not peel back protective paper wrapping". Let me tell you, that "protective paper wrapping" is not on the brush anymore. You decided to remove it, to let it dry out faster, thinking that would generate sales I guess but did not care to remove the warning about it? 

This thing was my favourite gear of all but the thing that I buy it and in a week or two it is completely unusable is generally the saddest thing. 



Jeff  T.

Wow... I just noticed many other negative comments about the "NEW" FastFret.  Bring back the dependable applicator. 

Jeff  T.

I have been using FastFret for many years.  Over the past month I have purchased "2" from Musicians Friend.  The first arrived and I opened the container.  The item was in multiple pieces ‍♂️. Musicians Friend provided a replacement.  Unfortunately, the replacement also fell apart the first time I used it. The lubrication cake fell off the handle and this one is unusable as well. Looks like I will need to find a new product.  After many years of using FastFret, I just can't deal with constantly returning the item whether on line or at a box store. Jeff Taulton, Western Maryland. 

Deborah F.

Another fan of the "old" Fast Fret here! Current package does not stand up favorably.

Jean Loup G.

Regular user and promoter of Fast fret and other GHS products to my guitar students, i recently started to get negative feedbacks about their last batch of fast fret. Wanting to see by myself, I recently bought one and unfortunately confirm the quality has really gone down by a lot. Aside from a return to plastic casing (touring musicians will appreciate for sure...), the cleaning tip is not reliable anymore and got detached after one single use to finally dry out a few weeks later (after several similar occurences being reported among my students and touring colleagues, i now understand why so many may see here some kind of betrayal from GHS).

After nearly 20 years using fast fret and other GHS products, it seems the brand is now rapidly losing its credibility through downgrading the most simple product their could offer their customers' base with. Not even mentioning the so called "sustainable approach" brought up trying to defend a weaker product (the old applicator lifespan lasting way way longer than the new model). I am now seriously worried the rest of their products could be going the same line and cannot recommend them anymore to my networks.

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