The ORIGINAL string cleaner! Not a spray! Contains no silicone. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime.   Fast Fret keeps the strings sounding bright and new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings.

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Peter D.

I have used this for 20 years, and buy it regularly... it is essential, especially if you play leads/solos/riffs ... and most importantly, essential to the life of your guitar and strings!  I have an additional secret for longer, cleaner string life - first make sure your hands are clean and then use Fast Fret... so I always use hand sanitizer, wait for it to dry, and then only play guitar with clean hands... this, along with Fast Fret makes a huge difference in string life. I actually have a hard time playing guitars with dirty strings, and I think this product should be packed along with tuners in every starter guitar that kids buy.  Thank you for Fast Fret for existing, and for the team that makes it!   I continue to buy it, and I even have one just for the fretboard wood when I change strings. 

James T.

I just received two sticks of Fast Fret from Amazon and it's clearly not the same product as I've been buying from a local music shop.  The applicator doesn't have the paper/plastic coating around it with Fast Fret written on it.  The apllacator seems to be made of different material and it's soaking wet!  I think it may be counterfeit.   Very disappointing if this is a legitimate product from GHS.   I won't be using it, as it would drench my strings and fretboard!

Jonathan Moody

Hey James, thanks for your message. Not counterfeit, as we've had to change a number of things in the past two years (either due to manufacturers closing or simply stopping manufacture) with Fast-Fret, usually at a moment's notice. The handle was a definite choice, as it uses much less plastic than before.

The felt applicator was twofold. We were looking for something that was much sturdier than the rolled cotton that would regularly leave wisps of material on customers fretboards. Second, we were unable to get cotton at all due to the rise in PPE equipment, so we settled on the felt. Because it's a solid piece of felt, it's more durable and does not need a piece of paper/plastic around it to stay together. Plus, it holds more fluid. 

I will bring your concern to production regarding the amount of fluid in the applicator. We're always looking for ways to dial in the amount to make sure players still get more than previous, but not so much that it's causing a mess. 

John M.

Thx Jonathan. It is only apparrant when using the slide, otherwise, it's great.  Unfortuately, I play a lot of slide

John M.

Hi. After I apply Fast fret I find residual grit on my strings that negatively affects the feel and sound of my glass slide. I started using a micro cloth to clean the fretboard as much as possible.  Any suggestions?

Jonathan Moody

Hi John, residual grit? You should wipe down the strings after applying the Fast-Fret, but that's interesting that there's a residual grit. I will look into this. 

Lee L.

I've used fast fret for as long as I've been playing guitar which is around 30 years now.

I don't like the current formula and will be looking for an alternative. The end piece also broke off the plastic stick on first use which was irritating. It feels too greasy and stays on my skin even after wiping hands. Sorry guys. I would rather pay more for something closer to the original. Maybe NOS will go for crazy money like tubes.

Jonathan Moody

Hi Lee, sorry to hear about the handle breaking. Can you send me some pictures? I'd be glad to get you a replacement. 

In terms of "current formula," the only thing that has changed in that regard is the scent used. And that was due to the former supplier going out of business, and GHS being forced to look elsewhere. 

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