The ORIGINAL string cleaner! Not a spray! Contains no silicone. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime.   Fast Fret keeps the strings sounding bright and new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings.

$9.62 $7.99
Aaron C.

Dear GHS, please bring back the old applicator and just charge us more. Thank you.

Sebastian A.

I've seen a lot of complains about the new applicator and container.
My take:
I bought a fast fret i think 15 years ago, brown plastic container, cotton, wood handle. it still work!

Today i bought a new one. i don't mind the plastic container, and i like the plastic cap on the felt, so i can keep the applicator just on the table with no fear of it getting dry.

What i miss is the wood handle :c it was very nice, and i don't mind paying more for that classic feel. Note, this is just my tastes, the plastic handle feels very sturdy, even if not super comfy.

I'm actually wondering if it would be possible to squeeze out then new fast fret, and soak the old one into it :P

Btw, i might be a bad customer since i just bought 2 fast fret in 15 years, but since i work in a guitar shop, i've recommended and sold a lot of fast frets :P

I'm glad that the formula has not changed, and i'm happy to report, that indeed it has the same pleasant smell as always.

Matt B.

I've been using your product for 35+ years. I was at a local store yesterday trying out guitars and wished I had my trusty fast fret. You should make a pocket sized application available. Maybe like a wetnap? Maybe a small chapstick size? That'd be cool. 

(I still use my original can btw... it's "vintage" now).




Martin W.

It used to be the best string cleaner for me, but the quality has gone down a lot lately. The metal can has been replaced with a plastic one and the handle has changed as well as the applicator. Even the oil smells different now. I'm currently looking for an alternative product.

Jason  W.

Some things were perfect when they were first designed. Original Fast Fret in a metal can was perfect. I have 4 year old Fast Fret that still works and the can stays closed in my cable bag. These plastic cans are junk. You made these plastic cans in the 90s and you eventually got rid of them. Well get rid of them. Stay with the metal cans. I'll gladly pay more for an original trusted product. 

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