Edh S.


I have been using your strings since the 80s. 

I was right on it, when Fast Fret first came out, and still have a half a can. 

I noticed quite a difference when i bought a can, last month, at Kline Music, here in Sacramento.  It doesn't have the semi-citrus smell and is now made of mineral (petroleum) oil.  Please consider an option of the old 'recipe' for us old-timers.

Thanks for your attention.




Jonathan Moody

Hey, thanks for the feedback and the concern. The only thing that has changed throughout the years is the smell. Sadly, the original almond smell that everyone loved - us too! - was discontinued many years ago. We've been consistently on the hunt for a new "fragrance" to use; the current one is the closest we've found to date. 

That said, there is still a reverence for the original, wooden handled Fast-Fret. 

Jonathan Moody

I wish I could help you, but the "original" formula is basically impossible to go back to. The reason the smell was changed was due to the original company being discontinued.