Modern guitarists are tuning lower and lower, adding more strings for a broader tonal spectrum. Designed with the help of many “extended range” guitarists, our 8-String Boomers® sets bring what you love about our 6 string sets into lower, uncharted territory!

SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E 7-B 8-F# Purchase
GBXL-8 BOOMERS® 8-STRING - Extra Light 009-072 009 011 016 DY24 DY32 DY42 DY54 DY72 Buy Online
GBCL-8 BOOMERS® 8-STRING - Custom Light 009-074 009 011 016 DY26 DY36 DY46 DY56 DY74 Buy Online
GBL-8 BOOMERS® 8-STRING - Light 010-076 010 013 017 DY26 DY36 DY46 DY60 DY76 Buy Online
GBTNT-8 BOOMERS® 8-STRING - Thin-Thick 010-080 010 013 017 DY30 DY44 DY52 DY62 DY80 Buy Online
GBH-8 BOOMERS® 8-STRING - Heavy 011-085 011 015 018 DY28 DY38 DY48 DY64 DY85 Buy Online