GHS Strings Brightness Bar for Bass Guitar Strings

If you love the sound of roundwound strings, but not the finger noise that accompanies them, look to Pressurewounds. Starting with a hex core, we slightly flatten a nickel-iron (Alloy 52™) wire as the string is wound. This gives you an incredibly articulate string that will run the gamut from motown to progressive, while keeping your finger noise to a minimum.

The rollerwinding leaves a slick feel to the strings, that is also ideal for fretless bass. Fretless players love how Pressurewounds retain that signature "mwah" tone, while going easy on their fingerboards.

Why Should You Play Pressurewounds?

  • You're looking for a deep tone, complete with punch and dynamics
  • You love the sound of roundwound strings, but not the finger noise
  • You want a long lasting string with plenty of tonality
$62.28 $32.07
SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B
L7200 SETS - PRESSUREWOUND™ - L7200 Set, Light (37.25" winding) 040-096 PWB40 PWB54 PWB76 PWB96
ML7200 SETS - PRESSUREWOUND™ - ML7200 Set, Medium Light (37.25" winding) 044-102 PWB44 PWB58 PWB80 PWB102
M7200 SETS - PRESSUREWOUND™ - M7200 Set, Medium (37.25" winding) 044-106 PWB44 PWB62 PWB84 PWB106
M7200-5 SETS - PRESSUREWOUND™ - M7200-5 Set, Medium, 5 String (37.25" winding) 044-128 PWB44 PWB62 PWB84 PWB106 PWB128
Sean T.

I've used hex and round core boomers before, and this is my first set of pressurewounds.  So far so good, I'm really impressed with them.

Ronny D.

I can't even work out how long I have been using your Pressurewound strings, professionally,  on my basses, but it would be well over 30 years ! They are perfect for me in every detail ! Thankyou GHS !




The M7200 set I just got for my new Lakland 44-01 just doesn't give me the "feel" I'm seeking. So I would like to order a set of ML7200.


Thanks Jon