These strings will test your strength and tone, by using a combination of premium core wire and a "Filament Grade Alloy". This alloy is the same strong wire used in automotive headlights and is magnetically activated to pull the tone through your pickups. 
SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B Purchase
XL8000 BASS PROGRESSIVES™ - Extra Light (36.5" winding) 035-095 PRB35 PRB55 PRB75 PRB95 Find a Dealer
L8000 BASS PROGRESSIVES™ - Light (36.5" winding) 040-100 PRB40 PRB60 PRB80 PRB100 Find a Dealer
5L8000 BASS PROGRESSIVES™ - Light, 5 String (38" winding) 040-126 PRB40 PRB60 PRB80 PRB101 PRB126 Find a Dealer
M8000 BASS PROGRESSIVES™ - Medium (36.5" winding) 045-105 PRB45 PRB65 PRB85 PRB105 Find a Dealer
5M8000 BASS PROGRESSIVES™ - Medium, 5 String (36.5" winding) 045-130 PRB45 PRB65 PRB85 PRB106 PRB130 Find a Dealer