Featuring a Stainless Steel Roundwound wrap over a steel core wire, these strings were designed to fit Steinberger basses and Steinberger-licensed instruments. This includes bass guitars such as Arbor, Burnside, Cort, Hohner, Lotus, Mach I and Status. The Stainless Steel Roundwound wrap gives the set ultimate brilliance and sustain!

SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B Purchase
5610 DOUBLE BALL END - Extra Light (36" length) 030-090 DBB30 DBB50 DBB70 DBB90 Find a Dealer
5600 DOUBLE BALL END - Light (36" length) 040-102 DBB40 DBB58 DBB80 DBB102 Find a Dealer
5L-DBB DOUBLE BALL END - Light, 5 String (36" length) 040-126 DBB40 DBB58 DBB80 DBB102 DBB126 Find a Dealer
5630 DOUBLE BALL END - Medium (36" length) 045-106 DBB45 DBB63 DBB84 DBB106 Find a Dealer