GHS White Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

GHS White Bronze strings are designed to pull the full dynamic range out of your acoustic guitar, inspiring you to play longer. A highly magnetic nickel-iron alloy (Alloy 52™) is wound over a hex core, giving you a smooth feel with extra clarity and shimmer. White Bronze acoustic guitar strings are ideal for acoustic/electric guitars with magnetic pickups! Use them on the stage or the studio and listen to them come alive.

Why Should You Play White Bronze?

  • You're using a magnetic pickup with your acoustic guitar
  • You want to coax the full dynamic range out of your acoustic guitar
  • You want a string that can last a long time, that isn't coated

SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E
WB-XL SETS - WHITE BRONZE - WB-XL Set, Extra Light 011-048 011 014 WB20 WB26 WB36 WB48
WB-TL SETS - WHITE BRONZE - WB-TL Set, True Light 012-050 012 015 WB22 WB30 WB38 WB50
WB-L SETS - WHITE BRONZE - WB-L Set, Standard Light 012-054 012 016 WB24 WB32 WB42 WB54
WB-M SETS - WHITE BRONZE - WB-M Set, Medium 013-056 013 017 WB26 WB36 WB46 WB56
Jesse D.

This is more of a question. What is each gauge? I mean each string g. not just the 10-41 or 46. B/c I'm trying to enter it into the tension calculator, and I use 10's in e, but there still too heavy, so I'm trying to see total tension of this 

David L.

Just tried my First set of white bronze xl.. on my ‘72 Martin D28 — touring gtr..they were a comp.. They are an interesting change from the GHS 80/20 and elixris I normally get supplied.
I was a GHS dealer / user when I had my music store from ‘93-05 when I sold it..

You made me custom gauge pure nickel sets… Which I should order another couple boxes now that I’m playing professionally again.