Wake up your mellow acoustic guitars! GHS Bright Bronze acoustic strings are 80/20 copper zinc alloy wound over a hex core for a bright and crisp sounding string. You'll notice a crisp sparkle in the top end of the tonal spectrum, while still retaining characteristic acoustic depth. For chordal players, you'll enjoy the extra clarity that Bright Bronze strings bring to your playing.

Why Should You play Bright Bronze?

    • You have a darker acoustic that needs to be "woken up"
    • You're looking for extra clarity in chords
    • You need to cut through the mix quickly and easily
$13.99 $7.39
SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E
BB10U SETS - BRIGHT BRONZE™ - Ultra Light 010-046 010 013 1/2 BB20 BB26 BB36 BB46
BB20X SETS - BRIGHT BRONZE™ - Extra Light 011-050 011 014 BB22 BB30 BB38 BB50
BB30L SETS - BRIGHT BRONZE™ - Light 012-054 012 016 BB24 BB32 BB42 BB54
BB40M SETS - BRIGHT BRONZE™ - Medium 013-056 013 017 BB26 BB36 BB46 BB56
BB50H SETS - BRIGHT BRONZE™ - Heavy 014-060 014 018 BB28 BB38 BB48 BB60
Philip  R.

I’ve used ghs bright bronze off and on since the late 1980’s. It all began when Guitar player magazine ran a great article in about 1984 written by Johnny Smith ( worth looking up) explaining the correct way to string/tune/intonate a guitar. In the article he explained the gauge which he felt gave the best tuning and intonation.I went to my local music shop and they had the exact size- ghs bright bronze in a LIGHT gauge. I put them on my Japanese dreadnaught and wow, it never sounded so good. I still have the guitar and appreciate it more now than ever! Is it a Martin? No, but it sounds great, very crisp and clear. Contact core is too bright( don't like) but regular bright bronze is great!

Andrew S.

I’ve been cycling through different acoustic strings by GHS: Vintage Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Americana, and while they each had their own strengths, I believe these are the strings for me. They have the feel and sound I like; balanced but leaning towards the bright side. Well done GHS.