This pops up on occasion, especially with newer instruments (looking at you, Ibanez miKro).

"Why can't you make strings for _______? They'd sell incredibly well!"

First, let's look at the Fender Bass VI. It's an instrument that has a very specific set of requirements for a string set (as in, they will fit that instrument, and that alone). It has been around for a while and has a solid following. And I've received a lot of questions about string availability.

So, can we make strings for the Bass VI? Yeah, for sure. I've even helped some of our Private Label companies develop string sets suited toward them. Making them isn't an issue.

But as Chris Rock said, "Just because you can drive a car with your feet, doesn't mean you should."

In cases like this, we do our research. I'm fairly active on a number of online forums, and while it's nice to hear what people are abuzz about, it's not as impactful as talking directly with our dealer network. Those are the folk that are on the frontline and can tell us what the customers are asking for. From that, we found that while the Bass VI is a cool instrument to have, most of their owners don't buy strings regularly. And also, not a lot of people buy the Bass VI either. It's not as big of a market as one would think.

Personally, I would love to have GHS Strings for every instrument, and there's been a couple of times we were able to do it, like the Crossovers for the NS Design EUB. But it's still got to make sense, regardless of whether I think the idea is cool or not.

So please send along any and all requests; I research all of them.

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