Lincoln Hensley
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  • Lincoln Hensley

    PF175 Sonny Osborne Signature

    I began playing music at the beginning of my freshman year of high school after hearing Earl Scruggs play the banjo. I took three formal lessons at a local music store before I found the man that would become my banjo mentor. His name is Edison Wallin, he has guided me since week three of my playing and still gives me advice, pointers, and songs to learn! Over the next few years I began creating and perfecting my own style. The first band that I was a part of was the UCHS Bluegrass Band. I played with them for about three years until I graduated. They helped me get my feet wet in the music industry. I am now enrolled in ETSU's Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music program and have my own band called "Straight Drive." Through all my experiences in music, I have always used and trusted GHS strings. I use the PF175 "Sonny Osborne" set. I have not found a set of strings that can provide better tone, volume, or hold up to being played on stage night after night without breaking. The GHS PF175's provide all of this.