Jozsef "Jozzy" Takacs
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    Roundwound Nickel-Plated Steel / 14 sets from 008-038 to 013-056

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  • Large

    Big Core Roundwound Nickel / Larger Core Wire With A Nickel Wrap / Four sets from 009.5-043 to 011.5-056

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  • Jozsef Takacs

    Electric Guitar
    Psychedelectric Rock
    CR-GBM Sub-Zero Boomers, GB-TNT & GB7L Boomers, BCL Big Core Nickel Rockers

    Jozzy's versatile playing is characteristic of heavy grooves, extremely strong picking, virtuosity and huge bendings for which GHS strings are the best choice. His band String Theory is the environment where he can combine the heavy groovy approach with some electronic flavour and pulling different styles together into one psychedelic and melodic music flow.