Joe Haze
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  • Joe Haze

    Electric Guitar
    Industrial, Hard Rock, Metal
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    Haze is am American Industrial/ hard rock guitarist, programmer and remixer. Currently playing guitar, programming and producing, “The Banishment” with guitarist George Lynch, featuring Tommy Victor on vocals (Prong, Ministry). Haze is also the touring live guitar player for Lords of Acid, touring the U.S and Canada.

    In the studio Haze has worked on several projects with producers Sylvia Massy, Sean Beaven, Chris Vrenna, with credits including co-producer, mixer, programmer remixer, also including Grammy recognition and Billboard charting artist.

    After receiving his first guitar at age thirteen Haze became obsessed with the instrument, spending eight hours a day playing and writing music. By the age of fourteen Haze discovered Lynch Mob via Head Bangers Ball and quickly became a fan of George Lynch, but it wasn’t until Lynch’s solo album (Sacred Groove), that Haze started to incorporate Lynch’s style into his own.

    Years later the album Sacred Groove would unite Lynch and Haze through a mutual friend (Mandy Lion) who sang on The Beast 1&2 featured on the album.

    The next big change happened at sixteen when Haze discovered NIN’s The Downward Spiral. Haze became dedicated to learning the art of noise and audio engineering, this lead to the discovery of bands like Marilyn Manson, Skinny puppy, KMFDM and Ministry. Haze would, years later collaborate with NIN engineer Sean Beaven on several projects, including a remix for Tweaker (Chrris Vrenna) former drummer and Trent’s assistant in NIN.

    Haze would spend the next fifteen years learning about audio engineering, samplers, synths, programming, mixing and song writing. At one point while in College (studying music) Haze became so frustrated with the lack of creativity from his peers he dropped out to focus on his programming and production techniques full time. After being a producer/ hired gun guitar player in several bands through the early 2000’s Haze grew tired of touring and not having a creative outlet of his own.

    At some point still being a huge Manson fan, Haze bought (then Manson’s guitar player) John 5’s first solo CD, but only listened to it once. It was only after rediscovering the album a year later, Haze found a rekindled love for “shred” guitar, Haze quit the band and once again focused on his own creativity, this quickly morphed into his first solo album.

    Within months of releasing tracks off of his new solo effort, Haze gained endorsements from Bogner, Fryette, Pro Tone Pedals, InTune Picks and WB pickups. By 2008 things were in full swing, as Haze had full support of not only John 5’s web team, but also John himself!

    “This is not just a "guitar solo" album, but a dismal vestige to the underworld.” – Haze