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    A giant on the guitar, Bell has used his talent's to work with many top artists in music and the entertainment Industry.

    Jimi Bell appeared in the 1986 Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett film "Light of Day" where he was both a performer in the movie and he played on the soundtrack and his band toured with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

    As 1987 drew to a close Bell was selected to audition for Ozzy Osbourne. The auditions would narrow down to two candidates with Zakk Wylde pitched against Bell.  Although Wylde scored the gig, Bell would be diverted off into another branch of the Black Sabbath family tree, joining bassist Geezer Butler's solo band the Geezer Butler Band. (Uncredited as a writer but still listed) joining bassist Geezer Butler's solo band the GEEZER BUTLER BAND. Here he wrote the track, 'Master Of Insanity', subsequently used, but uncredited, on BLACK SABBATH's 1992 'Dehumanizer' album.

    Bell performed guitar work on Cannata's CD's from 1993 to 2013: 'Watching The World', Myslerium Magnum, Tamorok and "Harlequin of Lights".

    Long time friend and drummer BJ Zampa recruited Jimi for the German based Rockers band 'Thunderhead' for their 'Ugly Side' record.  This formed a partnership between the two for many future projects. THUNDERHEAD toured Europe in partnership with METAL CHURCH. Bell and Zampa then signed on for David Wayne's 'METAL CHURCH' Project. For 2001 album on Nuclear Blast.

    In 2003 Bell was a contributor as a guest soloist to the Rob Rock album 'Eyes Of Eternity'.

    2003 Bell and Zampa joined former lead vocalist Mike Vescara from OBSESSION & LOUDNESS Band for the 'MVP Project'. The CD was released in 2004 in Europe and Japan.

    In mid 2005 Jimi Bell joined celebrated Melodic Rock Band 'HOUSE OF LORDS'.

    Jimi then recruited Drummer BJ Zampa and Bassist Chris McCarvill to join original vocalist James Christian to complete the band.  This line up continues to tour, write and record. They have release together the following CD's: 'World Upside Down', 'Come to My Kingdom', 'Cartesian Dreams', and' Big Money' and more to follow.

    In addition, Bell is also the “go to” guitarist for studio work for sports giants like ESPN, WWE, Impact Wrestling and NASCAR.

    Currently, Bell is an official endorser of EMG Pick-ups, Dean Guitars, Ovation Guitars, GHS Strings, Rocktron, Marshall Amps (Europe), KickAss Cables and Roberts Guitar. Jimi Bell is the inventor of the SHREDNECK.