Hernan Fuentes
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    Filament Grade Alloy / More Magnetically Active Material / Five sets from 009-042 to 010-052

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  • Hernan Fuentes

    Electric Guitar
    Fusion, Metal, Progressive
    7 String Electric Guitar Boomers, Progressives, Precision Flats

    Hernán Fuentes is a Guitar Player, Composer, Producer, Session Player and Guitar Instructor from Santiago, Chile. His main influences comes from Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Soul, and Metal mixing all this elements to forge his playing.

    He’s the main creative force of the Progressive/Metal Band, In Motion, composing and producing their first EP “Travelers”, released on September 26 of 2016, where he is playing constantly to promote this work along Chile. Alongside working on this Ep, he managed to get to Finals on the .Strandberg*’s Guitar Competition 2015, and the Semi-Finals on the Mayones Solo Contest on 2016. In 2016, he became an artist of the Guitar Straps Brand "Swill," using their string dampeners and custom straps.

    Also known for his jazz influence, he is a former member of the band Mr. Rabbit, a mixture of Soul, R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz/Fusion where he is currently working on their first EP.

    In 2017, he became an artist of the Chilean Guitar Brand “Vimana”, using their 7 and 6 strings guitars on his projects, promoting them by web and live performances.