Corey Woodcock (Mountain Ride)
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    Custom Gauges / Cryogenically Treated / Two sets

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  • Corey Woodcock

    PF190 Americana Series Banjo

    I grew up hearing almost nothing but bluegrass music, as my parents were both in a bluegrass band. I always loved the sound of the banjo the most-there was nothing quite like it. Early on I was influenced by my dad’s playing, as well as guys like Earl Scruggs, JD Crowe, Sonny Osborne, Bela Fleck and Ben Eldridge. When I decided to start playing banjo, these are the guys I looked up to, and still do. I have tried just about every kind of string out there, and nothing compares to GHS’s for optimal tone and string life.

    Currently I play full time with Mountain Ride. We have been lucky enough to play many great festivals with many great artists, and there is no end in sight.