Complicated Animals
  • Original

    Nylon Trebles/Winter Silver™ Basses / Four sets from 029-040 to 028-043

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  • Original

    Copper-Tin-Phosphor Alloy / Hex Core / Six sets from 010-046 to 014-058

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  • Complicated Animals

    Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar
    Alternative / Indie Nova / Bossa Nova / Brazilian / Indie
    2300 La Classique Medium-High Tension, GBL Electric Guitar Boomers, Phosphor Bronze Acoustic

    Complicated Animals is Brazilian American songstress Monica da Silva, and musician and producer, Chad Alger. Their debut EP “In This Game” features 6 songs in the duos’ self-coined Indie Nova genre. The style mixes breezy, Indie Pop, with a touch of vintage Brazilian Bossa Nova. “In This Game” is avilable now. The 1st Single from the EP is Track 3, “Phoenix”.

    Monica and Chad released their first album together, “Brasilissima”, under Monica’s name in 2011. The album featured songs in both English and Portuguese, and was produced by Chad Alger and Bruce Driscoll (Blondfire, Avicii, Freedom Fry). The first single, “Aí Então” gained attention from music critics and blogs alike, and caught the ear of Jacob Edgar, owner of Cumbancha Records and resident world music compiler for Putumayo World Music. The track was chosen from “tens of thousands of artists”, to be featured on the Putumayo World Music compilation “Brazilian Beat”. Another track from their CD, the upbeat, psychedelic-inspired “That’s Not The Way” was later chosen by the music director of ESPN to be played during the programming of The World Cup in 2014.

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