Calling Kings
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    Rollerwound Pure Nickel / Slightly Flattened By Metal Rollers / Ten sets from 008-038 to 013-056

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  • Calling Kings

    Electric Guitar
    Metal, Punk, Rockabilly, Rock
    R+RM Nickel Rockers

    The Front Man for Rockabilly Metal Band Calling Kings , CJ is an artist is an that loves taking different playing styles and mashing them together, whether it's the old school rockabilly chikin' pickin or sweeping arpeggios followed by a wall of razor like tone he tries to never stick to one box. Born on Jan 17th 1994, and playing professionally in live bands since the age of 14 its clear this is the path he is sticking to.

    The Latest Project Calling Kings: Is a mixture of everything Hard Rock and All things "Shreddy", but with an upright bass. They put on a high energy show that draws the audience in and leaves them wanting more. Find them on spotify or check out their website.