Bethany Becker
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  • Bethany Becker

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    I have been constantly singing for as long as I can remember (my four brothers have been begging me to shut up their whole lives) and ever since I came to the realization that I couldn’t grow up to be a Disney Princess, a Mermaid, or some combination of the two, I’ve known that I wanted to pursue it professionally. Back when I realized this, all of the other girls in my first grade class wanted the same thing. They all eventually grew out of the crazy dream, I did not.

    When I was 13, having read several biographies of Disney Channel stars who broke into the business when they were 12, I feared that I was aging out of my window (cue laughing track here) and realized that nothing was going to happen unless I took action. So, I got involved with a great organization called Actors Models and Talent for Christ that ultimately changed the course of my life.

    After showcasing with AMTC at their Winter 2012 SHINE Convention in Orlando, FL, I got a call, which led to a meeting, which led to me connecting with a ton of really incredible (though, possibly crazy for taking a chance on a wishful 14 year old) and really talented people working behind the scenes in the music industry, and the pieces of my career started to fall into place.

    My love for Taylor Swift initially led me to country music and the stories, realness, and vulnerability of the songs made me fall in love with it. Summer 2013, I was lucky enough to fly out to Nashville to write and record my first EP with Keith Follese (Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Faith Hill), Adrienne Follese, and Liz Rose (Taylor Swift). The EP, “Maybe More,” is the result of taking my personal stories and writing experience and adding in some of the top songwriters and producers in the business. In my very biased opinion, I think it’s awesome.

    A few years after creating “Maybe More” and the music video for the title track, more stars aligned and I was lucky enough to sign a record deal with Spectra Music Group and a management agreement with Oscar Collins and Associates. After several trips back and forth from Nashville and many hours writing and recording, I finished my first full album “I Want Love,” which includes the songs off of the “Maybe More” EP as well as seven new songs created with the help of the incredible Jeff Pardo (Lady Antebellum, Matthew West, Colton Dixon), which hit the market on May 6th, 2016, causing a good portion of my wildest dreams to come true.

    That brings us to where I am now, touring around with my first band and showing my art to anyone who will listen. I work hard to make my music relatable, not just to other 19 year old girls but to people of all ages and all walks of life, and I honestly believe that “I Want Love” accomplishes that. In addition to being relatable, it’s important to me that no parent ever feels like they have to cover their child’s ears at one of my shows. I am happy and proud to say that “I Want Love” is 100% clean and safe for people of all ages as well.

    I thank God everyday for the opportunities that have been placed in my path. Thirteen year old me would be very, very excited! I am also very grateful to everyone who takes the time to listen to a song, come to a show, read my bio (thanks ;)), and support me in any way. It is people like you who make it possible to wake up everyday and do what I love, so thank you!

    I am always singing, constantly writing (I like to say that no one is safe from making it into one of my songs…sorry not sorry friends, family, and unsuspecting potential love interests) and I always have something new lurking around the corner…so stay tuned! I’d love to have you come along on this crazy journey with me!