NEW FOR 2014! Developed by bass experts in the office and tested by bass professionals in the field, Roundcore Bass Boomers are an exciting addition to the string family at GHS. Wrapping nickel-plated steel over a round core gives these strings a soft, well-defined top end with a warm and pronounced fundamental. These strings are ready for whatever gig you have. Special Thanks to our Artist Family: Aden Bubeck -- Miranda Lambert Jasmine Cain -- Jasmine Cain Band Mark Damon -- The Pretty Reckless Larry Graham -- Graham Central Station Stu Hamm -- Solo Artist Darrius Jamar -- Studio Artist Jimmy Johnson -- James Taylor, Allan Holdsworth Jennifer Jo Oberle -- Five for Fighting, Vertical Horizon Dave Pomeroy -- Studio Legend / Solo Artist Angeline Saris -- Narada Michael Walden, Ernest Ranglin Lee Sklar -- Yes, THAT Lee Sklar Darren Theriault -- Mi-Careme.

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