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  • The Music Center 2015 GuitarFest

    The Music Center 2015 GuitarFest

    Earlier this month, GHS Strings was lucky enough to once again sponsor the Kellogg Community College Music Center's 2015 GuitarFest!

    Based in Battle Creek, MI and located just miles away from GHS headquarters, the Music Center in an organization based on bridging the gap between the arts and our community. Through a variety of classes and programs, community members are exposed to choaral, orchestral, and music based outreach programs.

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  • Bass Player LIVE! 2014 and the sk8bass

    Bass Player LIVE! 2014 and the sk8bass

    GHS had a great hang at this years Bass Player LIVE! event, at SIR Studios in Hollywood CA. 

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  • Strings In Action: Lucius

    Strings In Action: Lucius

    Watching up and coming band, Lucius, in concert is like a finely choreographed dance. We're VERY excited to have them in the GHS Artist Family!

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  • NitroPacks and the Ultimate Guarantee

    NitroPacks and the Ultimate Guarantee

    GHS raises their already high level of quality with the introduction of NitroPacks for strings, and their Anti-Corrosion Guarantee.

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The String Experts

For more than 50 years GHS Strings has been at the forefront of innovation in string design, a world leader in providing the best strings for every possible performance style, and a major manufacturer of quality string products for fretted instruments.  Our lengthy history in the industry has provided us not only with the knowledge to craft our own unique machinery for string manufacturing, but the well honed ability to select the best materials for each string type.

This is why we can offer the best possible tone, long lasting performance, and carefully crafted gauging to fit  players’ needs.  Years of close collaboration with countless artists who provide valuable input during the string design process, combined with our never-ending efforts to create new and exciting product adds to our reputation as “The String Experts”.