The CD 'Hypnotic Safari' although originally released in the late 90's is one of those enduring, timeless, great listening compositions as evidenced by its continued votes by listeners to the KJAZZ UK Weekly Top 10. Listeners who continually vote for tracks from this great CD. Guitarist Wayne Wesley Johnson created the "Nuevo Jazzamenco" sound with fellow guitarist Ruben Romero, and their collaboration, Hypnotic Safari, a relaxing blend of smooth jazz melodies and Spanish Rumba Flamenco rhythms. The CD features an eclectic mix of acoustic and electric steel and nylon string guitars and guitar synthesizer recorded by the two outstanding guitarists. Listening to the eleven tracks on Hypnotic Safari you'll hear joy, excitement and soulfulness delivered with spirited performances. As New Age Voice Magazine remarked, "This is an album for guitar lovers, by guitar lovers..." Take a musical safari with Johnson and Romero - highly recommended. Instrumental Guitar (Acoustic/World/New Age), total running time, 58:58

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