Val Halla
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  • Val Halla

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    Val Halla is a singer/songwriter and guitar player currently based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has been featured in both Guitar Player Magazine and Guitar World Magazine, and is an endorsing artist for Mack Amps, Carparelli Guitars, and GHS Strings.

    The daughter of a motorcycle riding, visual artist mother, and a hot air balloon flying, fiddle playing father, Val Halla was raised a free spirit destined to push limits.

    With a sound that bends the rules of rock, roots, folk, and blues, some have described her music as “Gruntry Music” or as one reviewer described, “Courtney Love meets the Allman Brothers”.

    Blasting onto the western Canadian rock scene in 2001 at the tender age of 17, Val Halla first fell in with members of Vancouver’s punk rock community, finding her way through legendary venues like the Cobalt, the Astoria, the Marine Club, and the Railway Club. Beginning in 2004, various members of the acclaimed 10 piece funk juggernaut Five Alarm Funk supported Val Halla as band members in her touring and recording initiatives, including her debut 2007 self-titled release.

    In 2008 Val Halla made the move to Nashville, Tennessee to hone her craft as a songwriter. She remained based out of Nashville for the next 3 and a half years, while touring all across the United States and Canada, performing hundreds of gigs to thousands of people, including 2 performances at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC.

    In the summer of 2010 Val Halla performed 41 shows as the direct support act to famed classic rock guitarist Ted Nugent on his cross-America tour. She then went on to perform direct support slots for Alice Cooper, Burton Cummings, Eric Burdon of The Animals, and Streetheart.

    After falling ill with pneumonia on a solo North American tour at the end of 2011, Val Halla made the move back to her Canadian prairie hometown in Saskatchewan to regroup, recover, and begin writing new material.

    What followed was 5 years of writing, recording, producing, and mixing what has become a three volume recorded body of work entitled A Walk On Part in the War. All three volumes are scheduled to be released separately, staggered four months apart beginning April 7th, 2017.

    A Walk On Part in the War is three recorded albums of work split up loosely by genre.

    The first release will showcase heavy rock guitars, blues and rockabilly, and 90′s grunge rock nods.

    The second release uses the roots sounds of the banjo, dobro, fiddle, and mandolin, to tell stories from Val Halla’s travels across the United States and commentary on places like Sioux City, Iowa and the isolation of a snowstorm on the desolate plains, or the resilience of the people she met in places like Detroit, Michigan or Cleveland, Ohio – the abandoned manufacturing hubs of the “Rust belt” in the American midwest.

    The third release harkens back to old time country artists like Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette, with pedal steel laced ballads and 3 part harmonies.

    The only muse that Val Halla has ever followed is her love for music, which has taken her through multiple genres and many circles of musicians and styles in the last 10 years. Always one to listen, experience, and soak up the sights and sounds around her, it is no wonder that her writing and recordings are as eclectic as her many friends, fans, and followers are.

    Being a fan of Val Halla isn’t to enjoy a particular brand of rock music or roots music. Being a fan of Val Halla is to enjoy her sounds from the heartland of Canada, interpreting the heart and soul of those around her, from Vancouver to Nashville, from Detroit, Michigan to San Marcos, Texas – from Cleveland, Ohio to the Arizona desert – interpretations being told with such cutting honesty that the edge exists whether it be a ballad, folk song, or a rockin’ rager.

    In Val Halla’s new song “I Still Believe In Rock N Roll” from the upcoming roots release, she states quite plainly to all who might question her musical standpoints, “Rock N Roll is not a genre, it’s a f**king attitude”.