South Hill Banks
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    80/20 Copper Zinc / Hex Core / Five sets from 010-046 to 014-060

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    Rollerwound Pure Nickel / Slightly Flattened By Metal Rollers / Ten sets from 008-038 to 013-056

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  • South Hill Banks

    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin
    Progressive Bluegrass
    BB40M Bright Bronze Acoustic, S325 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic, R+RL Nickel Rockers, PF180 Stainless Steel Banjo, A270 Phosphor Bronze Mandolin

    South Hill Banks has carved a niche for themselves in the Virginia music scene with their genre-bending jam/progressive bluegrass sound. They formed as a bluegrass power trio with Lance Thomas on Acoustic Guitar, Ryan Horrocks on Banjo, and Eric Horrocks on Mandolin in August 2015. During their journey, Dan Fiasconaro on Electric Guitar and Matt Eversole on Bass joined the band to create the now 5-piece.

    Since the release of their debut album, Riverside Dr. in August 2016, South Hill Banks have taken Virginia by storm, headlining a multitude of small- and medium-sized venues and working aside national touring groups with a devoted and ever-growing fan base following every step of the way.