Passion, Power & Performance! The Dynamite Alloy Boomers continue to be the standard to play by. The long-lasting tone continues to be THE POWER STRING. These sets were developed specifically for lower tunings. They feature a much heavier gauge/core wire combination that will allows your guitar to go lower without losing tone.

Available Sets
SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E Purchase
GBZW BOOMERS® LOW TUNED - Heavyweight 010-60 010 013 017 DY36 DY52 DY60 Find a Dealer
GB-LOW BOOMERS® LOW TUNED - Low Tuned 011-053 011 015 019 DY33 DY43 DY53 Find a Dealer
GBZWLO BOOMERS® LOW TUNED - Heavyweight Low Tuned 011-070 011 014 018 DY36 DY52 DY70 Find a Dealer