Paul Peterson
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    Rollerwound Alloy 52™ / Three sets from 040-096 to 044-128

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  • Paul Peterson

    Electric Bass
    Rock, Pop, Funk
    M7200, M7200-5 Pressurewounds

    Paul is the newest member of the Peter Frampton Band.

    Prince discovered Paul Peterson, aka “St Paul,” at the age of 17. He enlisted him as a keyboard player in “The Time” for the movie “Purple Rain.” Paul took the lead vocalist spot in the Prince produced group “The Family” before becoming a solo artist and scoring hits for MCA and Atlantic Records.

    Paul has recorded, toured or written with Steve Miller, Prince, George Benson, Oleta Adams, The Corrs, Kenny Loggins, and Morris Day and The Time to name a few.

    His band, fDeluxe (formerly The Family) is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their Prince produced record with a few select shows around the country.

    When Paul isn't recording, he runs Peterson Music and Events, a music and event consulting service originally started by his father Willie Peterson back in the 1940's. He also has a 16 piece orchestra that plays at many of the top galas in the Mpls/St Paul area, appropriately titled the Paul Peterson Orchestra.