Claudio Cordero
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  • Claudio Cordero

    Electric Guitar
    Rock, Progressive, Metal, Fusion
    Super Steels

    Claudio Cordero is a chilean guitarist and composer with an extensive musical career, in which highlights the participation in bands like Matraz (Chile), Cast (Mexico), Oxygene8 (USA), TNNE (Luxemburg) and Claudio Cordero Trio (Chile).

    His musical journey starts as 13 years old and continues when he got the degree as an electric guitar performer at Escuela Moderna de Música (Santiago, Chile, 2005).

    With the band Matraz edited two albums (“Tiempo, 1999 and “Gritaré”, 2004), and played at several international tours, like the Progressive Rock Festival Baja Prog (Baja California, Mexico), in which Cordero draws attention of the leader and composer of the band “Cast”, Alfonso Vidales, who invites him to be the guitarist of the band since 2006 until now a days.

    Along with Cast, Claudio has recorded and promoted on stage the albums “Com.Union” (2006), the double-album “Originallis” (2007), “CastArt” (2012), “CastArcis” (2014), “Vida” (2015), “Sands of Time” (2016) and “Power and Outcome” (2017). Examples of the international tours involved on this promotion are “Crescendo” festival (Royan, France), the “Verona ProgFest” (Italy), “ProgFarm” (Holland), and “PRockFest” and “Promotion Fest” (Germany). He has also toured in Latin American countries like Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil and Chile.

    On the other hand, on 2006 Cordero was invited to participate in the north american band Oxygene8, recording for the album “Freak of chance” (Project lead by the stick player Linda Cushma), and being invited during 2006 and 2007 to the promotional tours of this album.

    The most recent colaboration with this band is the album “Loop1” (2012), an experimental Project produced by Steve Parrish, that also counts with the colaboration of other prestigious international musicians like Tony Levin and drummer Tim Alexander. The promotional tour of “Freak of Chance” contemplates countries like Italy (Eron Prog Fest, Vercelli), France (Crescendo 2007 and Prog Sud 2007), Spain and Chile.

    In terms of his own musical projects, the chilean guitarist starts Claudio Cordero Band, editing the album “Enlace” (2007) and the live dvd “DesEnlace” on 2011. This Project sets him inside the group of the most influential guitarists in Chile and LatinAmerica, and also gives him more international recognition due to the high quality of both composition and performance with the instrument.

    Finally, in 2013 his band consolidates as “Claudio Cordero Trío” (lead guitarist, bassist and drummer), and on 2014 opens for Paul Gilbert on “Guitarfest” (Chile) and “Metalfest” (Chile). On Metalfest he shares the stage with bands like Megadeth, DeathAngel, Anthrax, etc...

    In 2016 Claudio Cordero Trio release the album “Quasar” setting a new level in quality and sound for the band and musical scene in Chile. One year later this album get’s the media attention and it’s nominated as one of the best metal albums of the year by several magazines. Also in 2016 the CCT perform as support band for Greg Howe and opening act for Joe Satriani in Chile.