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"Broken Cross" by Architects from the new album 'Lost Forever // Lost Together,' out now

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Video by James Unwin for Red Boss Productions

Album mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman


God only knows why we were born to burn // If God is my witness, he'll see that all is not well // Christ, what a sight for sore eyes // Looking down on us, all the children that you despise // A bullet in the neck doesn't feel much like love // A message of rejection sent from above // No flags, no holy books // I'll be in hell with the misunderstood // The sons and daughters that you wished to forget // A desperate picture of god's regret // Are we perfect mistakes? Or almighty fuck ups? // One thing's for sure, he doesn't fucking love us // Hate must weigh on you like a broken cross // Hate; the dividing line we'll never step across // Outcast and reject // Father, father, how I've let you down // A fucking tyrant in a hollow crown.

Tom's blog about the meaning behind Broken Cross:

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