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"Naysayer" by Architects from the new album 'Lost Forever // Lost Together,' out now

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Say what you like, I know what I am // Sometimes a flood starts with a leak in the dam // You said we'll never make a difference // Maybe this battle is to fight indifference // Naysayer, hammer the nail // We're all on our own, we can't decide what's true // Betrayer, hammer the nail // Such narrow lines separate me and you // So sick of the sound of people giving up // You can't stop me giving a fuck // Fuck it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on // With every concession another piece of us dies // Will we fight for nothing, if not our lives? // Apathy is our new messiah // Only he could let things get so dire // Apathy is our new messiah // The word made flesh // you can't fight fire with fire // The messengers all found knives in their backs // I know it haunts you, it haunts me too // We're all on our own, we can't decide what's true // Why are we fighting, when I'm just like you?

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