Devin Powers
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  • Devin Powers

    Electric Guitar, Bass, Acoustic, Mandolin
    Film & Television Soundtracks

    Devin Powers has been a musical force at TV for over 18 years, creating themes and underscore for an endless string of TV shows, working closely with each production's team to fashion a sonic brand that highlights the shows content, while seamlessly integrating with its broadcasting network. Devin has composed on multiple Emmy-nominated shows, including Discovery's Naked & Afraid and CBS's The Amazing Race. Devin was honored in 2006 at the 21st Annual ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards, for "Most Performed Tevision Underscore," and again in 2011 at the 26th Annual ASCAP Film and TV Music Awards for his score on a "Top Television Series" - ABC's the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.

    Devin's journey has taken him around the globe several times as a premiere featured guitarist. John Entwistle, bassist of legendary English band The Who, called on him to write songs and be part of his solo band THE ROCK. Devin co-produced the record, wrote five songs for John and performed live in an extensive tour. Lee Rocker, of The Stray Cats, also called upon Devin to play lead string bender and writer in his solo band that toured, recorded both in the studio and live around the world, sharing the stage with such greats as Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, and Waylon Jennings.

    In 1998, Devin's band, The Vents, signed to Universal Records and recorded the critcally acclaimed "Venus Again." Produced and written by Devin, it was an instant smash at radio, and saw the band on tour with the likes of Sugar Ray, Smashmouth, Matchbox 20, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, and Wilco. The vibrant power pop sound of The Vents was a perfect fit for the changing sound of TV & Film, and with Devin's experience in live performance, studio production, writing and mixing, the transition into full-time composer was the inevitable next act for an artist who has spent his life perfecting his craft.

    From his first smash hit reality show, Universal Television's Blind Date in 1999, to Discovery's current breakout hit, Naked & Afraid, Devin Powers has remained a first call for world class TV producers, creating scores for their most important productions, newest TV shows and breathing new musical life into existing smash shows.