Glen Crain
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  • Glen Crain

    Resophonic Guitar
    CR1600 Americana Series Resonator

    Glen Crain, resophonic guitar player from Westminster, SC. Glen has performed with numerous bands over the years and enjoys all types of music. But, his passion is bluegrass. Glen has been touring with The Edgar Loudermilk Band featuring Jeff Autrey since 2014. One of the very first bluegrass bands Glen played Dobro in was the Kelley Mountain Boys. This band included Marvin Loudermilk, Bobby Loudermilk, and a very young, Edgar Loudermilk. Glen played with several other South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia based bluegrass bands. While Glen appreciates all the new styles of dobro, his favorites remain Josh Graves, Mike Auldridge and Jerry Douglas. Glen plays “Old Hounds” by Pitt Resophonic Guitars, equipped with Americana Series Resonator Strings.