Matyas Borbely
  • Large

    Flatwound Stainless Steel / Five sets from 045-095 to 045-126

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  • Large

    Nickel-Plated Steel / Round Core / Seven sets from 040-095 to 030-126

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  • Matyas Borbely

    Electric Bass
    Psychedelectric Rock
    M3050-5 Precision Flats, M3075-5 Brite Flats, RC-5M-DYB Round Core Bass Boomers

    Inspired by Victor Wooten I picked up the bass at the age of 17, and never put it down since. I toured and performed with a number of bands in many different genres, and played on all notable festivals and venues in the country.

    Since I try to be a versatile player, I require accessories that help me achieve a smooth transition between all styles of contemporary music. GHS is my choice of strings for these reasons.