Laczik Feco
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  • Laczik Feco

    Electric Bass
    Punk, Rock
    5M-CC Contact Core Super Steels

    I was born on March 8, 1971 in Hatvan, Heves county.

    I was 13 when I first had a band but we only played in the „garage”. However, in 1986 in the Hatvan Rock Festival I was named as Heves county’s best bass player. From then on I started dealing with music more seriously and I played in several bands that are known nationwide. I had my biggest success with the band called Akcióegység, of which I was a founder in 1991. In 1992 I had the opportunity to play with famous music teachers in the band called Átrium Jazz Rock. This formation and these artists taught me to be respectful both towards music and to my fellow musicians. Actually this was the time I discovered the values of jazz rock. In 1993 I finished second place in a bass contest that involved players from all the country. The jury involved such respected people like György Szappanos and Egon Póka. It is likely that this was the reason for the big change in my life in 1995, when I was 24. Thanks to the recommendation of a journalist acquaintance of mine Feró Nagy, who already knew me from my previous band, looked me up as he was searching for a bass player and wanted to have an audition with me. The audition was successful and I could join the Beatrice family of which I am the member now for 20 years.

    Besides Beatrice I played in the band named Schizoid in between 2000 and 2001. In 2002 I received an invitation to play in Ős Bikini which was one of the most acclaimed bands of my childhood. There I replaced Alajos Németh several times, which was a great honour for me. I also had the opportunity to play with Gábor Németh, who is one of Hungary’s greatest drummer and guitar player, and I also played with Joe Vedres.

    I consider it very important to pass on to the youth the experience I have gained in Beatrice throughout the 20 years. In January of 2012 I founded a community in my hometown. Its aims are the development, exchange of experience and the common music playing. The community has 160 members at the moment. With the support of the municipality of Hatvan we have created a fully equipped professional rehearsal room, which can be used by our musicians free of charge. It is a great joy for me that this could come true and operates ever since. In 2013 with local musicians we made the first guitar duel in Hatvan. It was a great success, therefore we extended the list of performers with a couple of well-known artists in 2014. I hope that we have managed to create a new tradition and we will be able to pass on the love of music to the posterity.

    “Devotion and vocation will come to fruition.”