Tony Puleo
  • Large

    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 018-105

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    Filament Grade Alloy / More Magnetically Active / Five sets from 035-095 to 045-131...Read more
  • Tony Puleo

    Electric Bass
    Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues
    5ML-DYB Bass Boomers, Custom Light Bass Progressives 40-126

    A staple in the Boston Theater scene. With an inherently rhythmic soul, Tony Puleo incorporates spark and versatility into his bass playing. His adept fingering style, adaptability, and stage presence have garnered him an array of gigs from the position of touring bass player for Carly Simon to recording, and performing with Blue Man Group. Tony has had extensive training with Bruce Gertz from Berklee College of Music and Mike Turner and has himself has taught privately as well Tony has many years of studio work for musical artists as well as advertising/commercials, to live session work for bands throughout New England and New York.