Noor Cheree
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    Rollerwound Alloy 52™ / Three sets from 040-096 to 044-128

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    Micro Ground Alloy 52 / Round Core / Two sets from 047-104 to 047-127

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  • Noor Cheree

    Electric Bass, Electric-Upright Bass
    Rock, Funk, Country, Jazz
    L7200 Pressurewound, NS-3075 Crossovers

    Noor begun his musical journey through latin percussion and traditional Venezuelan folk songs he and his mother used to perform. Then thereafter, he was invited to join the Gainesville Youth Chorus, and stayed a member for 5 years. Some performances included St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Florence, Venice, Austria, the Vienna Boys Choir and Pope John Paul II in 2002. During that period Noor found passion in studying Tenor and Alto Saxohpone, and Latin Percussion throughout his primary and secondary education. But soon found a deep burning love for learning many different instruments such as: Guitar, Bass, Piano, tribal instruments and Composing/Arranging. Through his secondary education, he was employed by Seresta and Gosia and Ali, whom performed  for many private corporations, weddings, concerts and award-winning restaurants.

    In 2007, upon completing his high school diploma and entrepneurship certificate, Noor was one of four students in the nation awarded the National Band Association Jazz Student Award. Not long after, Noor Che'Ree won the Fine Arts Scholarship to Santa Fe College as the only instrumentalist focusing on Jazz Studies/Saxophone. At this time, he was honored to perform with artists Tyler Burchfield, Gary Thomas, Duffy Jackson, Gary Langford, Scott Wilson, and many more.

    In 2010, Noor Che'Ree enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Band as a Bass Guitarist/Double Bassist and composer/arranger. After finishing basic training and combat training. Noor graduated from the Navy School of Music in Virginia Beach, VA and soon was stationed with the 1st Marine Division Band at Camp Pendleton, CA. Since then he was introduced to so many different talents and artists that influenced and shaped his musical prowess. Some include: Mike Rudolph (Kinetic), Dana Ralston, Gilbert Castellanos, Irving Flores, Ben Grier, Michael Mays, Austin Gatus, Sara Khula, Sammy Nestico, Latin Sol, Carlos Sanchez, Ryan Apodaca, Charlie Arbelaez, Jesse Charnow, Marlene Munoz, Alan Zundelvich, Zee Avi, David Yuter, Paul Hernandez, Alice Wallace, Nick Lopez, Anthony Cruz, Alison Nelson, Danny Kastner, Hodaya Ben, Hayet El Mir and Grammy Nominated Tracy Carter and many more.

    In 2014, upon relocating to Los Angeles, Noor co-founded the film scoring company “Shoots and Scores” , LA Party Band and his original group “The WUDE”.