Gift Giver
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  • Gift Giver

    Electric Guitar, Bass
    Tech / Nu-Metal
    Custom Electric Guitar Boomers, GBZW Electric Guitar Boomers, Custom Bass Boomers

    GIFT GIVER is the latest uncompromising, no-fucks-given gang of hard-living party animals to emerge from one of the world’s most notorious urban landscapes, Detroit. Alice Cooper, MC5, Iggy & The Stooges and iconoclastic controversy magnet Madonna are just a few of the firebrand rabble-rousers birthed in the fertile soil of Michigan, which famously gave the world the middle-fingers waving Eminem and Kid Rock, as well.

    GIFT GIVER’s debut album, SHITLIFE, is the appropriate thematic continuation of the topics touched upon on their self-released EP, Daddy Issues. Gift Giver makes music for the disenfranchised, the dispossessed, people who’ve struggled against the hardships of daily life, from the working class to the white collar, the affluent to the downtrodden. The band is named for the street slang description of someone who sleeps around, unprotected, despite being riddled with STDs. Their music is equally grimy and brash.

    Gift Giver frontman Justin Johnson delivers his nihilistic diatribes with a bottom heavy, throaty power infused with an electric hip-hop style cadence, while cofounder and guitarist Nick Miller brings a technically minded proficiency to Gift Giver’s nü-metal revivalism. Eric Snapper (guitar) and Jake O’Shaughnessy (drums) round out the lineup, packing each Gift Giver song with power to get the blood moving as quickly for fans of Veil Of Maya and Meshuggah and Emmure, Sworn In and Attila.

    Gift Giver has no problems with polarization. As people, they are all about smoking weed, partying, kicking it and having a good time. As artists, their number one goal is to elicit a strong reaction from the audience, good, bad and everything in between. They are savagely loyal to the people who “get” them and are inspired by their presentation, and throwing those Detroit middle fingers at the people who hate what they’re about.

    It is truly better to be loved or hated than to be ignored. Gift Giver will not be ignored.