Roberto Bernardinello
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  • Roberto Bernardinello

    Electric Bass, Classical Guitar
    Jazz, Blues, Rock
    Super Steels 5ML-STB, Muriel Anderson signature MA2390

    Roberto began to play bass in 1991, at 23 y.o. under the guide of Piero Orsini (Gipsy Kings - Lisa Hunt). In 1992, he began his first experiences, performing in various fusion and funk band projects.

    In 1996, Roberto joined "Diatriba," a flamenco-jazz band lead by virtuoso guitarist Marco Porcu. In the same year, this quartet played at Sant Anna Arresi Jazz Festival, opening for Noa. This festival included Herbie Hancock Quartet, Pat Metheny Trio, Michel Petrucciani Trio and Joshua Redman Sextet. With the same band, he played the following three years on TV channel (Mediaset-Odeon TV), as well as, major clubs in all of Italy.

    In 2003, he moved to London and resumed collaboration with Marco Porcu, establishing the "MP Project." This group has performed in clubs such as "J2K” and “Circle in the Round" in London, as well as, various venues in Kansas and California.

    Since 2005 Roberto is based in Wichita, Kansas. He leads many ensembles and is a staple of its night scene. Recent collaborations include artists: Harry James Big Band, Denny Gottlieb, Denny Jiosa, Kenny Zarider, Adam Larson, The Fabulous Flippers, Gary Foster, Earl Dumler, Christian Howes, Jay Daversa, Jerry Hahn, Philippe Bertaud, Joseph Vincelli, Tom Fowler, Bill Caldwell, Roger Lewis, Scott Strecker & Richard Johnson. Roberto holds a Bass/Guitar teaching position at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas.

    “As guest soloist and clinician at Butler Community College in April 2008,  one of the high points of my visit was getting to know and to perform with the extraordinary bass player and teacher, Roberto Bernardinello. I very much look forward to the a time when we will perform together again.” Gary Foster