Mark Corradetti
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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 018-105

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    Filament Grade Alloy / More Magnetically Active / Five sets from 035-095 to 045-131...Read more
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    5M8000 Bass Progressives, 5M-DYB Bass Boomers
    Mark divides his time between his homes in the Nashville and Santa Barbara areas where he has been a session bassist for many years. Originally hailing from New Jersey, Mark attended Berklee College of Music, and worked in the New York Metropolitan area in a multitude of varying situations. Mark moved to the Nashville area in 1994, and has performed and recorded with a long list of artists, songwriters, from around the world.
    Mark has found a new home as first-call Bassist, at the Rose Lane Studio Film/Music complex near Santa Barbara, California. In 2015 Mark joined Guitarist Dann Glenn's band, now touring the world with each subsequent new release and video.