Mike Bentley & Cumberland Gap Connection
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    Coated 80/20 Copper Zinc / Three sets from 011-050 to 013-056

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    Silk & Steel / One set 011-040

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  • Mike Bentley & Cumberland Gap Connection

    Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
    IB40M Infinity Bronze Acoustic, A270 Phosphor Bronze Mandolin, LS250 Silk & Steel Mandolin, PF270 Bright Bronze Mandolin, Custom Banjo Set

    Mike Bentley & Cumberland Gap Connection have spent a lot of time honing and perfecting a sound all their own. From its inception, the group’s efforts have taken a unique, hard-driving style of bluegrass to a new level, combining clever instrumentation with a distinctive knack for vocal harmony. Comprised of Mike Bentley on lead vocals and guitar; Rod Smith on vocals and banjo; Matt Hiser on vocals and mandolin; Jeff Smith on vocals and bass; and Josh Brown on vocals and guitar, this five piece ensemble shares a fun sense of camaraderie within the band, making it easy to see how the group has won so many fans in a very short time. Mike Bentley & Cumberland Gap Connection enjoys playing songs in the traditional bluegrass style, while performing as much original material as possible, fulfilling what the band sees as its two part goal—enjoying what they do while making their fans happy.