Jens Kruger (Kruger Brothers)

Americana / Folk
PF175 Sonny Osborne Signature Banjo

As a son of German immigrants Jens Kruger was born and raised in Switzerland. He started playing music from a very early age and made his first public musical performance in 1974. Four years later he became a full time musician and worked in different bands throughout Europe.

Kruger came to perform in the U.S. in 1997 as a founding member of the Kruger Brothers and then moved to North Carolina in 2003.

A commissioned composer, Kruger is the fourth recipient of the prestigious Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. In a New York Times interview, Martin praised Kruger as “one of the great technicians” of bluegrass as well as “a very expressive player.”

Jens Kruger is known for his inventive, hard-to-categorize musical style of composition and performance, which can be described as thoughtful and lyrical.  His virtuosic playing style ranges from the very complex, to the simple and profound. Jens Kruger and The Kruger Brothers have raised awareness about bluegrass music by writing and performing classical pieces that bridge folk and bluegrass music through the instrumentation of banjo, guitar and bass, often with string and orchestral accompaniment.